Coffee with Binh Le


Binh Le is an alumni from The University of Birmingham, UK where she studied Education Management. Binh kindly joins us virtually for this week’s “Coffee With Series” to share her experiences of being a student in the UK and her life during 2020. 

Tell us about your study experience?

I took a Master’s at the University of Birmingham in the UK in 2016/17. This was an amazing year to study in such a world-class university, to travel and experience the culture of the UK and to meet new friends from many different countries. I will never forget this time. 

I really enjoyed the small discussion sessions in class, bonding activities with lecturers and classmates. I was sometimes stressed with long, long reading lists and assignments that took many hours to complete.

Can you give us a “top 3” for the University of Birmingham?

  1. Very supportive lecturers and supervisor,
  2. A very modern library,
  3. Many Nobel prize achievers.

What advice would you give to someone starting your course?

If you want to work in the formal or informal education sector, the Education School at UoB has a variety of choices for you. There are so many societies to join to enrich your student life experience. 

The University’s location is very convenient for travelling and living costs are very reasonable. 

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK and it has a diverse population.

Did you find it easy to find employment?


What is your job now?

I’m working in education (career counselling and student development coaching).

How did you get from your institution to where you are now?

I was recommended by my friend and went through three rounds of interviews to get my current job.

Describe a typical day in three words?

  1. Counselling, 
  2. Coaching, 
  3. Mentoring

Have you been affected by COVID-19?

Yes. I work for GPA – Golden Path Academics where we support students to pursue their international education dream. This global pandemic and travel ban has negatively impacted our business and students cannot travel overseas. 

What have you learnt about yourself?

Never stop learning new skills to adapt to new changes in life.

Three words to describe your life during this time?

  1. Working, 
  2. Exercise,
  3. Learning.

What about the future?

Keep learning and adapting!

What positives can be taken from the changes in our lives?

Become a faster learner!