Coffee With Harriyadi Irawan


Harriyadi Irawan studied Tourism and Hospitality Management at William Angliss Institute in Melbourne. We caught-up for a virtual coffee.

What made you choose William Angliss and Melbourne to Study and how was your experience?

Melbourne is well-known as one of the most liveable cities in the world and it is also one of the best world-class education destinations in the world. These titles, which earned at an international level, have assured me that Melbourne has done extremely well in the education, tourism and hospitality sectors. As many people know education, tourism and hospitality industries are three main industries that largely contribute to the Victoria State or Melbourne city’s economy. For that reason, I was convinced that I will likely get full support during my study and living in Melbourne.

Besides, I studied at William Angliss Institute, the oldest and largest hospitality education provider not only in Melbourne but also in Australia. The institute has been established for more than 80 years which endorsed by the Victoria State government. It has earned so many national or international level awards and global recognition for its teaching quality, facilities and winning competitions. Furthermore, William Angliss has set a curriculum that has the same om par level standard with Asia-Pacific countries which worldwide recognised. The institute also has a balanced combination of practice and theory that can be really useful to get ready for the real-life work situation. For these reasons, I feel very confident and ready to use my knowledge and technical skills in a real job not only after but also before graduated which creates such a satisfactory feeling or experience.

What are you doing now for a living?

I just returned to my home country, Indonesia, after 7 years of working and studying in Australia. I am now living in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, and working as a business consultant for one hospitality company. My main duty is assisting the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Vice President (VP) of the company in term of consulting better Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), conducting training program and implementing them in day to day operations. Furthermore, I also work with different Department Heads such as accounting, sales and marketing, purchasing and human resource department to make sure the job outcomes will always comply with the Indonesian government acts, regulations or laws.

How has your time at William Angliss impacted your life, and that of others?

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from William Angliss has impacted my life, especially in my career pathway. I would say I am now using mostly all knowledge and skills that I have learnt at the institute to do my current job. I realised the core units in the Tourism and Hospitality major were created for students so they can learn all about the basic principles of other disciplines without eliminating the niche hospitality-focused examples. Hence, in a real work situation, I can now work together or relate to all other departments in Tourism and Hospitality industry as I know about the proper work-flows or how the job descriptions should be done accordingly. For instance, I have learnt about occupational health and safety, legal laws or contract, finance, accounting, marketing, human resource, training and development. This knowledge and skills have tremendously crucial to the work that I am doing right now so I can give them the best advice as possible as a third party with neutral insights to their current SOPs.

What are your five favourite things during your time in Melbourne?

I must say there are plenty of activities or places in Melbourne that I like to do or visit. This city will never be boring for a second and will always become my second home. However, if I need to choose five favourite things to do during my time in Melbourne I would say:

  1. Volunteering for Tourism City of Melbourne, where I found a second family of kind-hearted and inspiring people
  2. Volunteering for South Yarra City Council, here I found people who are in needs even in the best place to live
  3. Doing a role as Study Melbourne Ambassador, here I feel useful and grateful to get the chance to make a connection with important people from the Victoria State Government and help international students from all over the world
  4. Working for Eureka 89, here I found my best friends and best view from the Top-level 89th floor of Eureka Tower
  5. Working with Iglu Student Accommodation, here I work with the best skilled or talented people and best management in my whole career, no doubt.

What are your top five tips for international students?

Study overseas can be very tough for some international students. Stress or anxiety will be caused by different factors and also will affect people in different ways. To all international students everywhere I must say that you will need to know your own strengths and weaknesses. With so, you can create your own formula that will be suitable to success during your studies. Here is the formula that I have used for myself and I called it STRONG.

S – Start Early (Early bird gets worms)

T – Talk (Everyone is a book, they come with different cover and chapters to learn)

R – Rest (Our body is the only machine without spare parts)

O – Organise (if you fail to plan, you plain to fail)

N – Network (if you want to walk fast you walk alone, if you want to walk far you walk together)

G – Go Out (The best teacher in life is your own experience)