Coffee With Juliet Nguyen


Juliet Nguyen is from Vietnam, she studied for a Bachelor of Marketing at Melbourne Institute of Technology before joining a Vietnamese broadcast channel, SBS as a journalist. On her return to Vietnam to visit her family, Juliet’s life has been disturbed by COVID-19 as she cannot travel back to Australia due to the travel ban. Join us today and learn more about her experience.

Tell us about your study experience?

Studying abroad was harder than I imagined. However, getting over the language barrier makes me feel comfortable to live in Melbourne. The culture and people here are the best things!

Can you give us a “top 3” for Melbourne Institute of Technology?

  1. Campus is beautiful, good location,
  2. School fees is not too high,
  3. Variety of courses on offer!

What advice would you give to someone starting your course?

This course is made by a creative teacher, who focuses on both theory and practical. I enjoy studying with my small class which gives me lots of access to my teacher.

What is your job now?

I’m a journalist.

How did you get from your institution to where you are now?

I was struggling at the beginning due to the language barrier, cultural issues and of course my life before that in Vietnam was so different. Luckily, I live with my sister and brother in law, so they helped me a lot. I joined a lot of charity fundraising events, worked part time to earn experience, networking to make friends and contacts. I overcame my own challenges, though it was not easy, it has built me to who I am today.

Describe a typical day in three words?

  1. Happy,
  2. Healthy,
  3. Work hard!

Have you been affected by COVID-19?

Yes, I have. I came back to Vietnam to visit my family and then could not go back to Australia even though I got my ticket. I even arrived at the airport, but I could not go on the aeroplane as I am not an Australian citizen. I’ve had to stay back in Vietnam since March.

What have you learnt about yourself?

Enjoy whatever happens. Accept your situation and find solutions!

Three words to describe your life during this time?

  1. Exercise/yoga,
  2. Meditation,
  3. Music.

What about the future?

I’m waiting to come back to Melbourne!

What positives can be taken from the changes in our lives?

Change your mind so you can change your life!