Journey to the West – Sahil’s Victoria University, Part Two


Sahil Puri is from India and studied a Bachelor’s in IT at Victoria University Australia. He completed his degree in 2016. In part two, he talks about his roles and why Melbourne is a city he loves.

My Role with UniLodge – Residential Life Manager

As the Residential Life Manager, my role includes organising monthly, event calendars for the Community Spirit Program. I manage this program for four Unilodge Portfolios: College Square on Lygon: College Square on Swanston: [email protected] and UniLodge @Cobden, with roughly around 1800 residents.

The program focuses on optimising the residents’ academic and social experiences, whilst living in our accommodation: giving them the feel of home: making sure they feel a sense of belonging and feel a part of the community.

I manage the monthly and yearly event budget and plan a range of activities and cultural events, both external and in-house. My role also includes monthly reporting on the Community Spirit Program, as well as managing our social media pages, app and event marketing.

I manage and train a team of 20-30 volunteers that report to me on a day to day basis. I also manage the residents’ pastoral care, offering a supportive and safe environment.

The reasons why I love Melbourne


The true meaning of diversity is what I understood from Melbourne: the food, the friendship, the culture – every bit has a special corner in my heart.


I moved to Australia at a very young age, with no friends and family. Over the years I developed relationships and am blessed to have some awesome people in my life, who make me feel at home in Melbourne


I am a fussy vegetarian, but I am glad that in Melbourne I can try different cuisines and dishes, without travelling the world.


I can truly say that friends are where my heart is and my friends have always been around me – in all the difficult times and whenever I need them. Friendship is a relationship that you build and soon those friends become like family, in no time.

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering made all the difference to my life, whilst studying, to help find a job in Australia. The most important aspect of my student life was being able to volunteer; VU and Melbourne had great volunteering opportunities to develop leadership, enthusiasm, great networks and friendships and to give back to the community. Looking back, I have one Bachelor’s degree and a number of Volunteering certificates and some unforgettable memories.

I would highly recommend any new student get involved in some volunteering opportunities, may it be uni or city. That will definitely help them to make their Melbourne experience better.