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Dominic’s Oxford Brookes University

Dominic studied at Oxford Brookes University in the early 1980s where he did a joint honours degree in English and History on their famous modular degree programme.

My Oxford Brookes Modular Degree

I had a great time in Oxford Brookes, where I studied at the Gipsy Lane, Headington Campus. I loved the modular nature of the course (which they still do) as it allowed me to select areas of study I fancied; this included options to take modules completely outside my degree areas and I took photography and the history of art as additional subjects. I also enjoyed taking a joint BA – I chose History which, despite my misgivings, was as compelling as my first subject, English Literature. I was a mature student with a diploma, so I had to attend and interview, but the approach Oxford Brookes took was positive, friendly and welcoming.

I had a great time in Oxford Brookes… I loved the modular nature of the course.

My first meeting with Oxford Brookes.

It’s a long time ago, but I remember an interview with an informally dressed member of the Department of English and Modern Languages – I think they wanted to interview me because I had a business studies diploma rather than A levels – and he seemed both interested in, and impressed by, my two years’ work history and I felt that I was rather waved through on the basis of that. But the memory plays tricks, so perhaps there was more to it but my memory isn’t at fault when I remember how open, welcoming and encouraging everyone was that I encountered at Oxford Brookes.

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