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Christopher Jaume – An unexpected career path

I got to put my architectural skills to use, drawing up plans and elevations for the renovation of a vocational training school in a rural village, run by a local charity called Hoja.


My drawings went on to be approved by the government of Tanzania! The renovations transformed the school, and it has since gone on to be one of the top performing schools in the district.


It is so rewarding to use your skills, time and network of friends and family to benefit those in need, and is something I strongly believe in. Whether it’s organising a fundraising event whilst at university, running a marathon to raise money for charity as an architect, or planting woodland for every bottle of gin sold through the distillery, it’s important to try and make a positive impact and benefit the lives of others when you can.’

The trip that changed everything

Chris finished his degree in Architecture at Newcastle University in 2008, and did his professional qualifications at Manchester University, finishing in 2012. His partner, Abbie, finished her PhD a year later. At this stage, the apparently obvious choice was to start their respective careers and their prospects in the fields of architecture and science were good. But it didn’t quite turn out like that.

With a desire to leave the rat race, we both quit our jobs and used our savings to buy one-way tickets to Australia.

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