Charlotte Rayment – An unpredictable career path


Charlotte works now as an English teacher (among many roles) in a secondary school in Essex. She arrived at this point via her qualification for nursing and various jobs including a successful period in sales. She now travels extensively in between inspiring kids.

Early inspiration sets a course

Finding a slot for an interview in Charlotte’s 70-hour working week is no easy matter, but what emerged from our meeting was a picture of someone with extraordinary energy, intelligence and determination; someone whose self-expectation seems cruelly demanding but who still preserves a total commitment to improving the prospects of others.

Charlotte works in education (it is too reductive to say she is a teacher) and is a classic example of someone whose path in life was influenced by an inspirational teacher.

“We got a new teacher in year eight called Miss McCrory, and she was incredible. She stood out. We were doing persuasive speeches, and everyone always uses Martin Luther King, but she did a bit of Dead Poets Society. She stood up on the desk and she read it, and it was so moving, because she was in tears by the time she got halfway through it, and we didn’t understand: being 12 we were a bit baffled by this woman who had just arrived at the school and was crying in front of an entire class.

But when she explained the words, and when we understood the context and started to analyse it for ourselves, I think that was the first time I really realised the power that words can have, and the power a teacher can have. And that was when I wanted to teach. I wanted to be her. I wanted to do what she was doing, and make people feel how she made us feel.”

Charlotte is a classic example of someone whose path in life was influenced by an inspirational teacher.