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I know that it’s not like that all the time for everyone. You’re not going to give the opportunity for everyone to redo their assessments, but I know that he took into account how hard I was working, that I was making the effort. And I had to: I had to maintain at least a credit to keep my scholarship going! To read more about Ligia’s time at WSU, click here.

My top 3 for Western Sydney Uni

1. The campus: that was important because when I had to study, to do my assessments, I just had to go there because I didn’t have the space at home to study. There were always thousands of computers and spaces to study, so for me the campus would be my first one.

2. The subjects: I really liked the choices of subjects. Of course, not all of them but some subjects were really good. The finance one, about understanding financial reports for the decision-making process was the most challenging and the most beautiful subject.

3. The scholarship: without that I wouldn’t have the chance to do it because the Brazilian exchange rate makes it a very expensive course. But although I had to spend all my savings on the course, it was worth it. Spending my savings on education was a very wise decision.

My top 3 for Sydney and Australia as a study destination

1. Sydney: is just a perfect city. I love it here because you have both the big city but at the same time you have some nature as well. I am from a big city, from San Paulo, Brazil, which has crazy traffic, huge buildings, a huge population, so I love the cosmopolitan feeling, but in Sydney you also have the beaches and beautiful parks everywhere. So it’s busy and quiet in the same place, which I love. Insert photo of Sydney (both sides).

Travelling in Australia

2. Public transport: it’s very easy to move around. For example, I always lived close to the city and the campus was in Parramatta which is in the west, and was at least one hour, sometimes an hour and a half, away from my place and I had to go at least three times a week. If it hadn’t been for public transport I couldn’t have done this, especially as some of my classes were at night. I finished sometimes at 10pm and didn’t get home till 11pm.

3. The possibility of working while studying: it’s one of the reasons that I came to Australia. I was a waitress in a Brazilian restaurant which was CRAZY! It was a bit of a reality shock because one day in I was living in Brazil, working for the big multinational pharmaceutical company, doing very well in a very good position with a car and a perfect life and then the next day I was carrying seven plates on my hands and my arms and having to smile the whole day and deal with people being rude to me and so on. It was a shock, yet it was one of the best times of my life; it made me grow up as a person, learn a lot of new things. I first thought it was ok but I’m not going to learn anything from being a waitress – it’s just some basic skills – but no, it’s the human factor, when you experience life. I learned a lot from it and it was a great experience.

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