Ligia’s Western Sydney University


The other great memory that I have is when they launched the new building, the new campus. That was very impressive because for the postgraduate students there were just three floors of one building at the beginning my first year – a small location (which I was quite happy with) but then they launched the new building, which was a huge campus. I don’t even remember – maybe ten floors, for business only. Everything high tech, the latest technology available. I was thinking: wow, I’m really into something big here. It was very impressive, like something from another world; it was a great moment and happened at the beginning of 2017. Click here to learn more about Ligia’s experience studying abroad.

Overcoming academic challenges

I’ve had some challenges in school with mathematical subjects such as finance or economics. I always had some areas that were very hard for me in the beginning when I did my bachelor back in Brazil. But at Western Sydney it was a bit different because although it was challenging and I had to study a lot, I liked it very much. I don’t know why but maybe it was the way they teach and because it’s for you to use in your workplace – they assume you are working, and you are studying at a high enough level that you can apply what you’ve learned in class to your job.

I think that when I learned the basics of economics and some other maths-based subjects at college, I didn’t know how I was going to use that – a bit like in school when you learn something that you have no idea how are you going to apply, such as physics or chemistry. But at uni, doing my MBA, I knew what they were talking about – my boss just told me to do the same thing last week: it was practical and gave me the feeling that I could use my studies in my professional life – it was going to be helpful. And that’s why I think I liked it even though at times it wasn’t easy; I had to study a lot more, but it was really helpful for my life in general.”

My MBA was practical and gave me the feeling that I could use my studies in my professional life – it was going to be helpful.

My specialisation was marketing because it is my field and all the marketing subjects: I just loved them. There were very, very good professors. I had amazing experiences with many of them. Click here to read more about why Ligia chose to do her MBA in Australia.

John’s Marketing Class

John Edwards was my first professor and I had a few units with him throughout the course. I have such good memories about his classes; they were always casual and fun! One of those classes that are ‘light’ and that you really look forward to attend, even on a Friday night. They gave me a good background of the Australian corporate environment and some practical marketing case studies.