Ligia’s Western Sydney University


Ligia is living in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and working full time for MCI Solutions as a Marketing Manager. She did her masters at Western Sydney University, graduating with an MBA in April 2018.

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I studied Communication – Advertising and Marketing in Brazil and came to Australia for a year to study English, which I did for four months before doing a diploma in business. After that, if I wanted to remain in Australia, I had to do a postgraduate course in order to qualify for a visa, but I wanted to do a Masters anyway because it was the next level for me after my degree in Brazil. I decided to go with an MBA, because it was the best option available in the market and I felt it could open a lot of new opportunities for me in terms of working in Australia. I came here just to study English, have the experience and go back home. But then I decided to stay a bit longer because Australia offered the best opportunities for me at that time. So that’s why I decided to stay and that’s why I chose to do my MBA.

I chose Western Sydney University for four main reasons. I went through all the units, did all the research but then I went to the campus of Western Sydney and could immediately see myself studying there. It was like falling in love. I know that sounds romantic, but that’s what happened: it felt right. I think it was the biggest factor, because I’m very into feelings – believe they are important when making choices. To read more about why Ligia chose to study at Western Sydney University, click here.

I went to the campus of Western Sydney and could immediately see myself studying there. It was like falling in love. It felt right.