Ligia Chelotti – An inspirational career path


Ligia is a Brazilian professional living in Sydney, Australia with her husband, Augusto, and working as a marketing manager after studying at Western Sydney University.

She has put herself through plenty of challenges and emerged from them all triumphantly but it says an awful lot about her that the first thing she wanted to talk about in our interview was her family and what they mean to her.

Not your usual study abroad story (fortunately!)

“I think firstly I have to mention that I have a “special” brother. His name is Vitor and he was born with cerebral palsy. I am just starting off with this, because this fact makes me and my family’s dynamic slightly different from everyone else’s. Everything that I do in life is related to him and to my family in general. I’m very attached to my family. It may sound clichéd, but everything that I do – when I think about and make a decision – is based on what’s better for them, not just for me.”

Towards the end of our interview, these opening remarks had a special significance as it became clear just how much Ligia missed being close to family and to Brazil, and illustrated just how determined and resilient she is. She has been familiar with the world of business from an early age as her dad works with an insurance company in Brazil in the customer success management department, and he was her first point of contact with business. She quickly realised that she needed to do something that actually earned her some money so she could support her family. But she also liked the idea of working in that field – a good job, a career and a commitment to family – so a decision was made early when we often don’t know what we want to do in life. Click here to learn more about why Ligia chose to study in Australia.

“My choice of place to do my bachelor when I decided, at 17 and straight out of school, to start studying was a great private college in Brazil called ESPM, which translates as ‘Superior School of Advertising and Marketing’.