Olivia Marzuki’s SP Jain Profile


Olivia lives in Singapore where she works as a senior journalist at Channel NewsAsia, part of MediaCorp. She did her masters with SP Jain, graduating with an MBA in April 2018.

“I’m Olivia Marzuki and I was enrolled in a global MBA program at SP Jain, School of Global
Management, from January 2018 till December of the same year. It’s a global MBA so I traveled to three different cities to complete the program. Originally, I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia, born and bred Jakarta, but I did my undergrad in New Zealand. After coming back to Jakarta, I worked for various organisations, including a bank, and Australian State Government of Queensland’s Trade & Investment Office, before joining TV. I’ve travelled quite a bit, I guess! I would consider myself a global citizen.”

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Choices: University and Degree

“Originally, I planned to continue further studies and do my masters degree after my undergrad, but I delayed for a long time because I was just enjoying my life and working in interesting jobs. But although it was delayed, I always kept it in the back of my mind.

One day I received a great offer: an invitation to apply for an international student scholarship from SP Jain. So I just gave it a try and I got pretty much full scholarship. Considering that it’s a very global program and I was going to get to see three different cities of the world as part of the course, and all at a very attractive price, I didn’t think twice!

Having spent most of my working life in business journalism, I felt that a business studies MBA course would enrich my knowledge and help me sharpen my business journalism skills. And, in fact, I found the course very effective; SP Jain really opened my horizons. The course brought me back to the core fundamentals of business: profit and loss, balance statements, that kind of thing, that I didn’t really study in my undergrad years. Having that opportunity to learn at SP Jain and study MBA really helped sharpen my business journalism work professionally.”