Olivia Marzuki – Life Of A TV Personality


Olivia is Indonesian but currently lives in Singapore where she works as a Senior Journalist at Channel NewsAsia, part of MediaCorp, after completing her master’s in business.

The Consummate Professional

When I met Olivia for the first time, I got an immediate sense of how full her life is by the fact that she conducted our interview over her mobile while walking back through the busy streets of Singapore after work. Not that this prevented her from giving highly lively and entertaining account of her life, work, and education. I started out by asking about her current situation.

“I’m currently a Senior Journalist at MediaCorp which is the biggest media group in Singapore. I work the English new station: Channel News Asia, also known as CNA. At the moment, I am assigned to write business stories, working Monday to Friday, and I follow market news in Singapore and around Asia.

I also covered the Indonesian election. Being the only Indonesian reporter in the office, I was very privileged that during my first month on the job they sent me to cover the Indonesian general election. I did a follow up story on how the business community reacted to the re-election of the incumbent president, Joko Widodo.

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Before the MBA, I was working for CNN Indonesia. it’s part of the big CNN international franchise. I was a news anchor for about two years prior to my MBA and before that I was with Bloomberg TV Indonesia (although that has now shut down) and a couple of other local TV stations before that. I guess having Bloomberg and CNN on my CV combined with my MBA and my experience, helped me to progress my career in Singapore. It’s a highly competitive place.”

Before starting her current role, Olivia did her MBA with SP Jain in Singapore, Australia, and Dubai, having graduated from International Pacific College in New Zealand some years before. Between New Zealand and her MBA, she spent some years developing her career, which I have no doubt meant that she brought a great deal to that course when she took it up. Olivia is very much a citizen of the world, and I wondered how she came to have such wide-ranging experiences and extensive travel history.