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Mika’s Fulton-Montgomery Community College Profile

Top 3 aspects of life at FMCC

  • Meeting my best friends, and getting to know so many people from a diverse range of backgrounds. The people really made the experience special for me.
  • Learning various cultures from my friends and peers. In Japan there is one culture really, we are all one group ‘Japanese’ living together, whereas here I wasn’t just meeting people from the US but from all sorts of different countries. Each day was an adventure.
  • Learning to live independently – coming over from Japan I had to be strong, as I was away from family and friends for the first time for an extended period. 

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Top spots on Campus/at FMCC

  • The school library – there was support for students and access to a range of materials that enabled me to study. I spent a lot of time here whilst studying, and the peaceful setting helped me to focus too.
  • The gym – we were in the countryside, so I was usually in the library, or the gym.
  • Café in Saratoga – a real culture spot in the town, and a place to hang out with friends and relax.
  • Student dorms were comfortable and sharing with others made it easier to make new friends.

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