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Mika’s Fulton-Montgomery Community College Profile

Settling in to the United States

When I was in first year, I was in a dorm with a girl in a similar situation to me and although we don’t see each other as much now we ended up coming to New York City together and travelling together. I think it helped that she was also an artist, and we had been through similar journeys at University. My time at FMCC, and the friends I made along the way, definitely informed my next steps and how I continued my career and journey. 

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In my second year I lived with a host family, and my host-Mother was Laura. She worked at FMCC and so she became like my ‘American mother’. We still have a great relationship now, and she has good relationships with teachers at the school so even now I feel as though I have a strong connection to the place that I studied. During the two years that I studied at the college, my parents did not come to see me, making my American family all the more important. I went home to Japan twice to visit but I really became immersed in American life – so much so that when I went home my family commented on how much weight I had gained due to the American food!

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