Journey to the West – Sahil’s Victoria University


Sahil Puri is from India and studied a Bachelor’s in IT at Victoria University Australia. He completed his degree in 2016. Here he talks about his experiences and about the choices he made.

Why Victoria University was the right choice for me?

I did a lot of online research, comparing universities, and it was not an easy task. My family had invested in me and it was my future at stake, so I had to make the best decisions.  I felt a bit overwhelmed at the beginning, as Australian Universities have a lot to offer.  The number one factor that drove me to choose Victoria University (VU) was that the university provides the best IT programs back then, and the second best thing was the campus, which is right in the heart of Melbourne CBD; it is so convenient with a two minute walk to public transport and one of the biggest train stations in Melbourne – Flinders Street Station. It ticked all my boxes for a great university, so I just went ahead and decided on it as my destination. 

Some challenges when I first came to Australia and how I coped with them

Before departure, I was very excited, but a few challenges arose that made me feel I was facing quite a test to start a new life. I did not have any friends or family in Melbourne so, of course, making new friends was not easy – especially given that I was an international student coming to study abroad for the first time. The language barrier was one of the biggest challenges and it prevented me from getting full exposure to international life. Language is culture and since English is my second language, I was not able to fully understand the culture at first. In addition, as everyone knows, coming from India, I was a vegetarian and that was not easy. Life was like a Rubik’s puzzle when I first came but, fortunately, I had wonderful support from VU, from the teachers to the International Student Service staff who helped me brave all those challenges

The course was great: very practical and, most importantly, I had huge support from my teachers to help me study and understand everything. They always had an open-door policy and we could go anytime with questions and seek assistance and help.