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Coffee with Tam Do

Continuing our series this week, we speak to Tam Do from Vietnam. She achieved a Master of Marketing at Sheffield Hallam University. Here we talk more about her experiences and life during COVID.

Tell us about your study experience?

I spent a year and a half at Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield Business School studying MSc International Marketing. I was so impressed with the university’s facilities, teaching quality and the level of support provided for international students.

Sheffield Hallam is a young university but for anyone seeking practical and industry experience, it is extremely relevant. You have many opportunities to engage with businesses, industry mentors, internships, placements and so on. My lecturers were also very kind and helpful and I made many fond memories at Sheffield Hallam University.

Can you give us a “top 3” for Sheffield Hallam University?

  1. International student support,
  2. Work experience opportunities,
  3. Location – Sheffield is such a wonderful city to live and study.

What advice would you give to someone starting your course?

You only have such a short amount of time to study here, so take every opportunity, say yes to everything, you never know where that would take you.

Enjoy every single moment, ask for help whenever you need it, and remember, you are never alone. Go and do whatever you desire 🙂

Did you find it easy to find employment?

It was quite straightforward for me because I did quite a lot of placements and internships during my masters.  The key is to accumulate a lot of work experience in various ways such as volunteering, formal employment, part-time work and extra-curricular activities, etc.

What is your job now?

Project Administrator for ScaleUp 360 business support programme.

How did you get from your institution to where you are now?

I did a six-month internship at the Enterprise Team, Sheffield Hallam University before moving on to the permanent role at the same team, and then moving to this role.

Describe a typical day in three words?

  1. Early,
  2. Mindful,
  3. Joyful!

Have you been affected by COVID-19?

In a positive way, yes. 

What have you learnt about yourself?

The situation helps me remove a lot of unnecessary distractions in my life and focus on what really matters. I found a new hobby, spent more time meditating and learning more about myself every day. In quiet solitude, I even managed to heal many childhood wounds of mine; which helped me to become more resilient, joyful and mentally healthy.

Three words to describe your life during this time?

  1. Mindful,
  2. Slow,
  3. Meaningful.

What about the future?

I would like to keep as much of what life is now as possible. In the future, I hope to relocate to Vietnam to live a simple life on a farm, growing flowers and vegetables. 

What positives can be taken from the changes in our lives?

Change is inevitable and it happens all the time. Focus on the present moment and live your life every moment mindfully and life suddenly will become so wonderful, even during a pandemic 🙂

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