Coffee with Hieu Nguyen


It’s virtual coffee time, our special guest today is Hieu Nguyen from Vietnam. Hieu shares his experience during his time studying Hospitality in Australia and his hopes for the future.

Tell us about your study experience?

Having an opportunity to study at College of Ryde, TAFE NSW, Australia was a great experience.

I made some international friends by sitting with them for group work or hanging out for coffee. We supported and learned from each other. Teachers are very supportive and helpful in the way they approach students to help with lessons and assignments. It is truly one of the best things and why I loved studying at College of Ryde, TAFE NSW, Australia!

What advice would you give to someone starting your course?

Be whatever you want to be, but always keep learning and improving skills and knowledge. Keep working hard, but being smart. Finding your own passion about hospitality to go on your pathway to become an expert in the industry 

Did you find it easy to find employment?

I found a part time job working in the hotel while I was still a student in Sydney. Hospitality is one of the hardest jobs, but it is not difficult to find a job.  

What is your job now?

I am currently applying for the position of Hospitality Training Coordinator 

How did you get from your institution to where you are now?

Learning and practicing to get experiences from working and other people. Gaining skills and improving English to go with a scholarship. Giving back to the community and keeping my hospitality passion alive.

Describe a typical day in three words?

  1. Happy 
  2. Grateful 
  3. Willing 

Have you been affected by COVID-19?

I have been unemployed for a few months. But it is a good time to stay with family and learn something new. 

What have you learnt about yourself?

Be patient, be happy and be positive. I learned from others and their mistakes. Every fault should not have blame, it must be taken as a lesson learned!

Three words to describe your life during this time?

  1. Blessed
  2. Healthy 
  3. But boring!!!

What about the future?

I have planned to take further education. Plan B is to get a Hospitality job that I would love to do. 

What positives can be taken from the changes in our lives?

Learning to share with others less privileged during the time of pandemic would always be a great thing to do. Giving to others less fortunate and helping in times of crisis gives happiness. 

Thanks for your time!